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6 months in…

6 months ago today we left our comfortable, full-time roles to pursue the Raygun dream…

Studio Raygun Ltd was incorporated at the beginning of this year but we only decided to go full-time with the business in mid-April, when we left our salaried jobs. Having a significant amount of experience from a number of varying roles, we felt comfortable in taking the plunge, but naturally couldn’t shake an undying sense of fear about the decision we had made.

6 months in, and we’re doing alright.

Being candid and open is something I strongly believe in, so I’m not going to claim we’re planning an early retirement but in the same breath we have not had a shortage of work. If there is one thing I’ve had confirmed, it’s that there’s a lot of work out there. The Leeds digital scene is amazing; it’s vast but has a genuine sense of community. It’s helped to unlock a number of great clients for us as well as form some good partnerships. I realise that 6 months isn’t exactly a 21st birthday but we’re still counting it as a bit of a milestone, so here are some memorable things from the past 6 months in roughly chronological order…

  • Began working at home and realised that office hours don’t exist
  • Attended exciting conferences like DotYork, Made North and a number of smaller events
  • A client made a soft toy out of one of the characters we designed for them
  • Worked with four charity clients; charities being a sector we’re actively targeting
  • Got stranded in Otley after a meeting so accidentally got drunk
  • Got nominated for the Ice bucket challenge, and begrudgingly accepted
  • Received a case of German beer from a happy client
  • Moved into an awesome co-working space at One Aire St

Here’s to the next 6 months and beyond!

photo credit: fiat.luxury via photopin cc

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  • http://alexward.me.uk/ Alex Ward

    That co-working space looks lovely!

  • Matt Saunders

    Yep, on balance I think it’s the best co-working space we’ve found in Leeds