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A new way to measure social marketing

Did you know that 60% of businesses struggle to measure return on their online marketing? On top of that, Google and Facebook accounted for almost 75% of digital ad spend in 2017. That is a staggering amount of money disappearing into the unknown, and for many marketers it presents an unsustainable situation.

At Studio Raygun we’ve been working in the digital space all our professional lives and we know the frustration involved in trying to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing activities for ourselves and our clients. In late 2016 we partnered with a team of designers, developers, social media experts and technologists to try and solve this problem.

So we ended up building Beacon.

Unlike others in the social analytics space, Beacon is most concerned with how your social traffic behaves on your website. What’s more, it measures individual visits, from individual social posts. This adds an astounding level of clarity to your marketing strategy, so you can clearly see what is working for you and crucially; what isn’t.

This enables social media marketers to understand the impact of their campaigns like never before, helping them to refine their strategy and maximise ROI.

We’re at a really exciting point with Beacon, we’ve released a simple-yet-powerful BETA version of the app, got a load of people to demo it and give great feedback, and we’ve just achieved our first round of seed investment. With some fantastic developments in the pipeline we’re super excited to see where this is going and we’d love to have you on board – if you market your website on social (and who doesn’t?) you should give Beacon a try.


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