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Creating the Raygun Studio

Like most companies, we started out working from our bedrooms; building up momentum during evenings and weekends whilst we both still worked in our respective full-time jobs. Since then we’ve gone from desk hopping in co-working spaces to recently getting our own space.

Located on Dock Street in the heart of Leeds, we moved into 300 square foot of studio space – a lovely blank canvas with fresh white brick walls and a great opportunity to make it our own.


Panoramic of the unfurnished space

We started off by deciding on the kind of environment we want to create for ourselves, how would we best use the space we have and what would it look like.

Although we’re an agency, we are still 2 individual guys (brothers even) so we have differing tastes and somewhat vocal opinions on what looks good, so we battled to find a common ground that we can both be happy with whilst still showcasing the individuality of the people who make up Studio Raygun.

Measurements were made and we brainstormed a couple potential layouts, deciding what we needed to make the studio work best for us. How would be make best use of the lighting and space, what kind of storage would be need, what kind of breakout area we’d have etc.


Research and style inspiration took the form of Pinterest moodboard. We gathered examples of studio spaces and interior design that we’d like to replicate and furniture styles we find appealing. We decided that we wanted to design our new studio with blend of industrial and mid century.


See the Pinterest board

We found a fantastic little workshop based in Bristol called KONK! that produced quality industrial furniture and instantly fell in love. So, that was the bulk of the furniture sorted.


A trip to the local Ikea furnished us with a nice faux leather sofa, a couple of industrial-style storage units and a rug that really tied the room together.


To finish off the studio, we decided to get our logo spray painted on the wall. We commissioned the talented Replete to create our wall mural and reproduce a massive raygun on the white brick wall.


Our new little workspace, along with our recently relaunched website and additional creative marketing service offering, marks a new and exciting era for Studio Raygun that will hopefully continue to grow and evolve over time, and we’d love you to be a part of it.


Get in touch to arrange a visit, a coffee and a chat!


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  • Ben Isambard Bunting

    Looks great guys! Chuffed to bits for you both.