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Studio Raygun: Relaunched


It’s been a while. We used to blog quite regularly but have recently found our creative writing outlet has taken a back seat due to a number of exciting client projects and of course, the lovely new Studio Raygun website which you so luckily find yourself sitting in front of today!

Late last year we decided to stop and take a look at what we had been doing over the last 12 months; who we worked with, what we were doing for them and ultimately, what impact this was having. We were proudly selling the concept of the platform, which is essentially visual identity and website design. Logo, brand guidelines and collateral, and a website are the core requirements for just about any business, and we believe our offering is second to none.

However, it’s not quite enough, because design by itself needs a bit of support. This is why we took the decision earlier this year to offer a more rounded set of services, which includes digital marketing. What this basically means is that we can combine our services to form more long-term, strategic plans for our clients.

We’ve developed a whole new area of the business under digital marketing, and at its core this means coming up with content ideas for our clients. Everything starts with an idea, and from that idea we can create blog posts, infographics, campaign pages, motion graphics and more, effectively driving targeted traffic to your website through social media and search engines. As a creative agency that specialises in visual identity, illustration and web development, Studio Raygun is already the perfect springboard to offer online marketing services.

This is the beginning of a new and exciting journey for us. It means we can offer a much more complete service to our clients and enables us to be even more pro-active in our work. If you’d like to discuss your website, brand identity or ongoing marketing needs, please feel free to contact us on our project starter form.

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