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UK Jelly at Create Cafe, Wakefield

It’s nice to get out and about. Experiencing a regular change of scene and meeting new people is one of the main reasons we got into business and started our own creative agency. This week we had a couple of meetings lined up in Wakefield, both of which were at the fantastic Create Cafe in Wakefield.

Create Cafe is a social space. The large printed lettering which adorns it’s walls promote values which really speak to us;

“We believe that a business can be passionate about people as well as profit”

“Create is what we call a ‘for more than profit’ company”

create cafe

Cafe Create, Wakefield

The design of the venue is incredibly vibrant. This is an oft-overused word but in this case I can’t think of a better adjective. The array of complimentary colours coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the room with light make Create an amazing space to spend your day. The food and drinks were very well prepared and reasonably priced as well, especially when compared to what you might pay in one of Leeds’ hip and happening independents.

Create also plays host to Jelly, a monthly co-working network born in New York in 2006 when two freelancers decided to open up their apartments to other freelancers and small businesses. The idea behind this is simple – there’s no agenda, no talks and very little structure. You simply turn up, put your name down and work, or chat with other freelancers and homeworkers over a big bowl of jelly beans! It’s a nice concept and one that looks like it might be coming to Leeds at some point in the near future, in which case our attendance is assured!

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  • Alex Ward

    That sounds like a great idea! Looks like there are loads of them all over the country. I will have to pay a visit to the next Southampton one, I’m getting a bit of cabin fever down here :)