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Berlin: city of inspiration

Berlin is a wonderful city with a rich and fractured history. From its Prussian heritage, to Soviet and Nazi control, from the student movement, to the fall of the Berlin wall; remnants of this colourful history can be found around every corner in the anachronistic blend of architectural styles and the vibrant culture of the city’s residents.

I recently visited Berlin, not the first nor last time, and I am constantly discovering new places and inspiration. I had to visit the Bauhaus Achiv, home to collections and classics from the Bauhaus school and arts movement. It is fascinating to see creative works, some from nearly a century ago, freely experimenting with form, colour, light and texture; completely unfettered by any commercial restrictions or intent. Graphic design as a purely artistic expression.


Walking around the city you regularly encounter sections of the infamous wall, repurposed and repositioned as urban art installations. It is wonderful that something so ugly and divisive has been turned into a gentle and creative reminder of humanity’s cruelty.


I look forward to revisiting, to once again feel that real sense of freedom, creativity and tolerance from a city that knows itself and has learnt from its troubled past.

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