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Landing pages as a platform for your campaign

Every organisation needs a solid platform to spread their message. Creating unique and compelling online experiences is one of the best ways to engage audiences and inspire them to share your content/message and prompt them to act and get involved.

Single page web experiences, or campaign landing pages, are a fantastic way of engaging with your audience as you have the opportunity to create something innovative and push the boundaries to build something that people will talk about and share. Sometimes the unique design and interaction of the page alone is enough to prompt people to tell others about it, further spreading the message to a wider audience.

Successful campaign pages have a good narrative, clear message and obvious call to action. Aside from these core features you are free to experiment and create a really engaging experience by integrating illustration, video and animation, infographics and data visualisation, interesting scrolling techniques such as parallaxing, harnessing geolocation and even using the features of the user’s device. Landing pages have been used to sell products and services for a long time, but ethical organisations have recently started to harness the power of the single page. Here’s a few of our favourites…

Dangers of Fracking.


This website is designed to raise awareness of an issue that is getting a lot of media attention at the moment. The Dangers Of Fracking has great narrative as the user scrolls through the page, following the life cycle of a drop of water the user learns bite-sized facts along the way.

Kyoto Protocol.


This is a great looking illustration-rich campaign to raise awareness of climate change. The one pager animates as you scroll down illustrating examples of day-to-day carbon emissions. The page ends with prompt for users to sign a petition.

Slavery Footprint


This site is designed to get people thinking about where their everyday products, clothes and gadgets come from and the many hands that were involved in their creation. The site uses nice simple graphics, CSS transitions and clear messages to create an engaging and memorable experience. There is also an interactive quiz to calculate how many modern slaves have been involved in giving you your comfortable lifestyle.

The Smoking Lung


We all know smoking is not great for us, but this website raises awareness on the damage cigarettes have on your lungs over time with a nicely illustrated and animated experience.

Be a Hero. Save a Life.


This is a single pager we create ourselves for NHS blood and transplant. I regularly give blood and I’m quite passionate about the cause so we decided to create the website pro-bono to try and raise awareness and and encourage people to register. We gathered statistics and information and came up with an illustrated website based on the idea that (almost) anybody can be a hero and save a life. We used CCS animation to bring the page to life and harnessed geolocation to let the viewer know where their nearest blood donation centre is.

Every Last Drop


The UK is quite a wasteful county, we take a lot for granted and consume and dispose a lot. We consume and waste a lot of water and this well designed single page scroller illustrates just how much the average person uses in their day-to-day lives. As the user scrolls down the page we follow the story of a normal guy as he goes about his daily routine, elements animate onto the page as information appears to inform the user the amount of water is involved each activity and used to create each product.

Have you seen any fantastic campaign pages that harnesses the power of digital design and creativity for good? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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