A Year's Supply Of

A Year’s Supply Of is a website which features a variety of unique and interesting subscription-based gifts. We were approached to design their logo and visual identity.

Our approach

We began by looking into the current market trends and competition to define where we wanted to position the brand in the market place. The target audience is affluent people, mostly female, in their 30s-50s who are looking for unique and boutique-style gifts.

We decided that the identity should be slightly feminine, with an understated charm and quirkiness that reflects the unique range of gifts found within.

The competitor research stage gave us, and the client, a good understanding of where they wanted to be positioned and perceived in their market.


A couple of rounds of creative concepts resulted in a few possible directions to go down, we worked to refine the desired route and extrapolated a working colour scheme and accompanying typeface to be used across their website and other materials.



Tag line

The tag line "for people who give great gifts" was initially considered to be integrated into the logo itself, but was eventually adapted to become a separate ribbon element that can accompany the logo across future applications. This gives more flexibly to the brand and helps to further communicate the core message.

The outcome

The resulting identity is a clean and elegant, yet friendly and approachable. With future applications in mind, the brand mark can be easily scaled and printed, etched, and stamped onto almost anything.



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