FUNdays Club

FUNdays Club is a childcare club in the UK that provides education and enrichment services to children aged 4-12 years. They wanted a set of characters to illustrate the different services they provide and also represent the different age groups they care for.

The Brief

Mark from FUNdays Club got in touch with us to see if we could design a character that was inspired by their current 'splat' logo. From this design we would need to create a range of characters of different ages in different poses to represent the range of services they provide.

These characters were to be used across a range of materials; to be included in printed brochures, decals on the doors of the club itself and possible use online and in digital publications.

The Approach

The challenge was to create gender & ethnic-neutral characters inspired by the 'splat' logo that were fun, friendly and represent a range of ages.

We knew the character would need to be generally humanoid, as they would need to be a variety of poses (which would probably require limbs of some kind) and following a rough human form would make it possible to represent different ages.

After a few rounds of sketches to explore different options we decided on a direction and created a 'base' design to use as a springboard for the variations of the characters.

The test of a good character design is to see if it works with no colour or detail. To make sure we were onto a winner we tested the chosen character design in silhouette format and scaled it down. We ask ourselves if you could still recognise the character, and due to the distinctive head splats we felt we had a strong concept to run with.

We developed the various ages of the characters from the 'base' character, using the character's features and body parts to signify the age. Although the characters couldn’t be human, we were inspired by human development and used certain aspects of this to portray the age progression. Limbs develop and lengthen as the age increased, the character’s hands turn from mitten-like pads to hands with fingers, the eyes begin large, becoming proportionally smaller and form eyebrows.

The Outcome

Once we were happy with the character in all stages of age we designed the characters in the different poses, with the various accessories to portray the difference services and activities at the club.

Will [from Studio Raygun] has to be the best designer I have yet worked with. Great communication. Delivered when said. Professional. Heard what we trying to achieve and gave us images that were spot on. Couldn't recommend him higher.

Mark West

Managing Director, FUNdays Club

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