Hotel Retreats

Featuring a number of luxury hotels across the UK, Hotel Retreats celebrates all things luxury about holidaying in the British Isles.

The Brief

To create an easy-to-use informational website which offers comprehsensive, impartial reviews of luxury hotels across England, Scotland and Wales. The website needs to be ad-free and clutter-free, and put the content at the heart of the user experience.

The Platform

The brief required a robust platform, with powerful search and filtering functionality, and the ability to link related types of content together. We opted to build Hotel Retreats on Drupal, a flexible and extensive open-source content management system.

The Brand

We intentionally kept the visual identity minimal, removing a lot of colour except for important calls to action. The logo and subsequent brand assets were extrapolated to work across social media.


Hotel Retreats is actively promoted across social media including Facebook and Twitter, where we share valuable content in the form of infographics, blog posts and links to industry-related news articles and offers.


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