LEAP is a charity which helps to teach 14-17 year olds the basics of business practices. Students are taught valuable communication skills, how to solve problems and build their confidence, equipping them for life in the workplace after education.

The Brief

Much of the communication between students is handled via email and printed forms. We want to bring this communication online, in a centralised place, making it easier to manage for both students and staff.

The Process

We worked with the client to understand the needs of the site administrators as well as the students. From this we created a series of mobile-first wireframes to see where content would appear on key screens.

Visual design and responsive front-end development were started at the same time, enabling us to prototype and test our ideas as we worked, before finally integrating into our chosen CMS.

The Platform

The brief required that students be able to register and create a company on the website, complete with profile, gallery and company-specific blog. We selected Drupal, a powerful open-source CMS to build the LEAP website on, and the platform has been received well by both students and staff alike.

Our aim was to have a fresh, appealing and responsive website as we re-branded our organisation.

From the first meeting Matt listened carefully to our 'needs & wants' asking pertinent questions which made us focus on the important aspects of our website. We are thrilled with the results; it has proved a big hit with teachers, students (14-19yrs) and our business partners.

What was most impressive was the ability Matt had to cut through the predictable politics of a project to keep everyone happy and delivering a superb result.

Julie Brownrigg

Founder & Development Manager, LEAP

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